On this week’s new episode of Glee, fans get to watch cute cheerleading friends and lesbian couple Brittany and Santana get married. This is officially the 259,271 marriage storyline to be featured on the series, which ends at the end of this sixth and final season. And it’s officially the 259,271 time that I thought to myself, “Why the fuck is Ryan Murphy encouraging babies to get married?”

I am engaged and getting married to my partner in life this upcoming August. I will be 31 and him, 34. My parents got married when they were 22 and 23 and divorced a few years ago. They were children when they were married. Children in love. But that was the norm back then. A lifetime of self discovery and experience happens in the decade between when they got married and when I will be married. The information discovered during that time is crucial and critical to a person and a couple before deciding to say “I do.” I wholeheartedly believe no one under the age of 27 or 28 should even think about marriage.

I know someone who wholeheartedly disagrees. Ryan Murphy has been featuring 18-year-olds proposing and getting engaged and planning weddings and canceling them and rescheduling them for years now. Why is he encouraging impressionable young viewers to do this?! It is dangerous and poor decision making. And I officially couldn’t take it another minute without expressing my belief that this is so.

Rachel and Finn were engaged as high school students, seniors or maybe even juniors. The show went so far as having them at their wedding before calling it off due to a friend’s car accident. They hadn’t even graduated from high school and here was Rachel in her wedding gown.

Kurt and Blaine have been engaged and broken up more times than anyone cares to count, beginning when they were seniors in high school or at most, one year later. In this new episode, they get married. They had gotten back together the day before. But life is short, they feel, while deciding to get married. And you are dumb.

Tina proposes to Mike Chang in this episode. She is a freshman in college. They dated in high school and have been texting and become friends again since she went to Brown. Yeah, sure, that sounds like a pair ready for a proposal. Even though Mike says no, the scene where Tina asks her group of guy friends for support and they one by one approve and all emotionally hug and kiss is insane. Freshmen in college everywhere thought about their texting buddies and thought, “Hey, that guy could be the love of my life and I think I’ll commit to him for life.” Please God, hopefully this isn’t true.

Brittany and Santana are the most responsible couple to get married, in that they love each other and have been together for a few years. But still, what’s wrong with dating until they hit, gosh, I don’t know, 25?

Blaine states in his vows, “I honestly thought I would never find real love.” WTF?! You started dating Kurt when you were 16.  He also thanks the crowd for encouraging him to know that “real love is worth waiting for.” I think a 45-year old divorcée might actually have the right to say something like that, not you, you self riotous pip-squeak. The writers of this show are insane.

Shame on you Ryan Murphy. Seriously. I think this marriage pushing on your young, impressionable viewers is disgusting. Maybe just “I propose you move in with me and we try that for a year or two first,” would make for less adverse consequences, fantasies and mistakes.

I’ve watched every episode of Glee and have enjoyed more moments than I can count. I will miss the show very much. I love the singing and dancing and the funny moments. Jane Lynch in particular has been wry and hilarious and pushed boundaries with her rants and I just love her. But this marriage obsession side of the show, I will not miss that one bit.