I may be late on the uptake here, but I just found out today that A) there is a Beauty and the Beast live-action Disney musical movie being made!!!! and B) Emma Watson will be starring as Beauty!!

I found this out after reading the announcement that Downton Abbey‘s Dan Stevens is joining the cast as the Beast/Prince. Stevens is best known up to this point for Abbey‘s beloved and departed Matthew Crawley. The news that he will play the legendary hair-covered character was revealed on March 6 but I missed this piece of info somehow. I figured if I missed it, some of my readers might have too!

Luke Evans, who plays Bard in The Hobbit films and starred in Dracula Untold, was cast as Gaston.


This is so exciting! Beauty and the Beast is a Disney classic! And who doesn’t like Emma Watson? Some people actually might not (she seems kind of snobby) but I really do. She’s elegant, beautiful, and a fine actress. Harry Potter fans like myself must all be so happy about this casting.


Hollywood has made an amazing list of live-action musicals in the last decade or so. Most recently, Into the Woods wowed on the big screen and garner Meryl Streep her 110th Oscar nomination (hehe). Chicago, Les Misérables, Mamma Mia!, Hairspray, Dreamgirls, and Sweeney Todd are of few of the other modern musicals that I have enjoyed from that list. But Beauty and the Beast adds the Disney musical element that sets it apart and perhaps soaring above the rest!

Growing up in the ultimate age of Disney movies was such a gift (late 1980s, 1990s). I can probably thank Disney for turning me into both a musical lover and a total cinephile. I’ll never forget the feeling I had when sitting in movie theater, watching these amazing, timeless classics. I was thrilled and enamored.

I am counting the minutes until I see a live-action version of “Be Our Guest” on the big screen. Now, can they please get started casting The Little Mermaid movie please!?