Woo hoo!

After hearing the craptastic news that American Horror Story star Jessica Lange would not be returning for the show’s fifth season, us fans could really use a pick-me-up. No offense to Lady Gaga, who we learned will be leading the cast of American Horror Story: Hotel, but that is not the same as hearing that the show’s legendary stars we love will be returning. So the news that Bates will rejoin the team is just what we needed!

Co-creator Ryan Murphy announced through his Twitter account yesterday that the Oscar, Golden Globe, and Emmy-winning Bates, who appeared on seasons three and four, will be in charge of the location operation the fifth season is named after.

Bates played the sadistic aristocrat-turned-houseslave Madame Delphine LaLaurie on Coven and Ethel Darling, the empathic bearded-lady with a hidden dark side on Freak Show.


Let’s see who else Bates will be joining at the Hotel.


Matt Bomer

The gorgeous openly-gay actor had a small recurring role on Freak Show, which came to a quick end when he unfortunately fell for serial killer Dandy’s advances.


Chloe Sevigny

It’s excited and surprising that Sevigny is back this season. Fans will remember Sevigny as sex-addict Shelly from Asylum, a Briarcliff inmate who faced one of the worst horrors the series has ever seen when she was held captive, amputated, and experimented on. Having her character turned into a legless mess wasn’t the actress’s favorite idea and she was quoted as being “disappointed” in how she spent most of her episodes strapped to a gurney and “gurgling” a lot. Sevigny told Yahoo!, “I wanted to be on the show more.” The actress’s apparent dissatisfaction with her time on Asylum made Ryan Murphy’s announcement of her return an awesome surprise.

Wes Bentley

The American Beauty and Hunger Games actor played perfectly the Halloween-loving, tempting, two-headed ghost Edward Mordrake on Freak Show.

Cheyenne Jackson

Another handsome openly-gay man, Hotel is the United 93 actor’s first time on the American Horror Story cast.

AHS: Hotel premieres this fall on FX.