Hey Litchfield prison fans!

The trailer for the third season of Orange is the New Black, Netflix’s awesome-in-every-way female prison dramedy has been released! And the two-minute clip is just a little taste of all the fun ups and downs that lie ahead and enough to get you super psyched for the season premiere June 12.

Here’s a few fun things we learn from watching (no real spoilers ahead).

  • Lori Petty is a new inmate!! Fans will recall she sat next to Piper on the airplane last season and they bonded and were imprisoned together temporarily (at a different location).o-LORI-PETTY-facebook
  • Pennsatucky cut her hair and Sophia gives Big Boo a makeover.
  • Prison guard John and inmate Dayanara look like they’re going strong.
  • Alex is back, got the s**t kicked out of her on the outside, and doesn’t seem to be too big a fan of Lori Petty’s character.
  • There’s a new smokin’ hot inmate and she might be a love interest for Piper. The trailer surprisingly only show’s the actress, DJ Ruby Rose, for a split second. The real-life lesbian is gorgeous and fascinating. I’m so excited to watch her on the show!7e5a3449-abce-45dd-92aa-1497ae51dc3a-620x372