We all know ’em – those characters from a show who irritate us to no end. And the more the writers write for them, the more annoying the characters become. Lately, it seems like these types are popping up more or more. Sometimes, it’s someone who bothers you from the first time you meet them on the small screen. Other times, the show runners go off in a weird direction and unfortunately develop the character into someone you can no longer stand.

Here are some of the bothersome roles on both current summer shows and shows I’m watching now due to the summer show-hole.  I have a feeling that come the Fall TV season, there will be plenty more of these types of characters, so I’m calling this list “Volume 1.”


Danny on The Mindy Project

Is it just me or does anyone else think Danny is a bigoted, sexist jerk? If you are not caught up on The Mindy Project skip the rest of this, plus you already know he generally sucks, especially as a partner. He’s done so many crappy things to Mindy but most recently, Danny lied to her about being engaged. WTF?! And why the hell is he engaged to a wet towel ex-wife-look-a-like in the first place!? He was just with Mindy five seconds ago. I was so happy when Mindy left him, as Danny wanted her to drop her career and change basically everything about herself after she got pregnant. No way dude. Time to board a time machine and meet us all in 2016 where women can have it all.  I wish Danny would get written off the show but chances are slim considering he’s Leo’s dad.


April on Mistresses 

It’s summer so there are not that many major cable network shows on. Mistresses fills the void for me in the ABC hour-long drama department, while also mixing in fun, sex, and interesting story lines. I always liked April, played by the stunning Rochelle Aytes (you might know her as the love interest in White Chicks). But this season, April can’t get her foot out of her damn mouth or ever make a correct decision. She’s become hard-headed and dense. April’s particularly dumb when it comes to her awesome boyfriend Mark, who doesn’t get a single thing he says taken seriously. April’s worst move lately? – making all the wrong decisions when it comes to her new boss Michael. She almost misses Mark’s first concert to meet up with Michael, who kisses April (which we all saw coming). She then lies about it in 17 different ways to Mark. Finally, she finds out Michael is trans and tells him that now his interest in her won’t hinder their working relationship because she would never date someone born a female. Anyone who pays attention to trans-culture knows that Michael doesn’t feel he was born a female (gender is different from genitalia!). April gets fired on the spot. Plus, that doesn’t change the fact that someone is creeping on her and could cause harm in her personal life, no matter what gender! Now she’s back to having trouble with her daughter and not listening to Mark’s advice (again!). Grrrr.


Laura on Casual

Am I the only one that thinks Laura is thisclose to ruining this Hulu original show? I’m watching it because so little else is on now and because critics love it. I keep trying to like it, also since the the two other leads are awesome (Laura’s uncle and mom). But 16-year- old Laura Meyers, played by 22-year-old Tara Lynne Barr, is the friggin worst. First of all, Tara so obviously doesn’t look young enough, so the whole thing is weird and unbelievable. Then the writers write Laura as a grumpy, bitchy, know-it-all who talks shitty and snotty to her mother (and basically everyone) and who acts like she’s 45 and over life. Her Uncle Alex (played by the great Tommy Dewey) summed it up perfectly when he reminds her she’s young, white, rich, and straight, so what does she have to complain about. One of her most annoying moves? – The little snot stops going to high school because her mom and dad got divorced. Come on! She has no friends and is sardonic and negative and anti-everything. But her worst offense is the way she treats her mother. There is no respect whatsoever. As a future parent (G-d willing), it disgusts me how this chick acts on this show. She needs to be slapped.


Joan on Life in Pieces

If you’re a sitcom lover like me, and you miss having your usual sixteen or so programs to choose from, try Life in Pieces on CBS On Demand. I did recently and I am loving it. It’s about an extended family and the day-to-day mischief they get into it. What makes the show unique is each episode is formatted into four chapters, with titles and everything. The cast is awesome. I love me some Betsey Brandt (Breaking Bad) in a comedic role and her goofy hubby, played by Dan Bakkedahl, is a riot. Colin Hanks and Zoe Lister-Jones are so funny and perfect together as a married couple with a new baby. And – GILF alert! – James Brolin is great as the patriarch of the family. But it’s Dianne Wiest’s Joan who bugs me. It’s a combination of the fact that Joan is a pain-in-the-ass mom (and mother-in-law) who always has to be right and basically guilts her family into everything. The other irritation factor is that I, truthfully, can only handle so much of Wiest’s voice. I know she’s a stellar Oscar-winning actress but her voice really does grate on you after awhile. A TV show is just too much of it, compared to a close-ended movie. Combine that with the fact that her character has never really been funny or sincerely sweet (it’s always an act to get something or get her way) and I’m over her.


Kate on Mistresses

I had to throw another one of these ladies under the bus. Why do the writers feel the need to write in a rotating fourth leading lady every season ever since Alyssa Milano left the show? This season, we’ve been given the addition of Harry’s sister Kate, played by Tabrett Bethell, doing the best she can with what she is given. But she’s kind of of a whiny Debbie Downer and is obsessed with finding a man. Unfortunately, Kate doesn’t really bring anything else to the table other than her pretty face. She’s trying to join the lady crew but continues to misstep and offend. And truth be told, no one cares! Kate was too annoying for too long for us to really root for her now. Please send this wet towel back to Australia.

Thanks for the venting sesh! I wonder what characters will bother us come Fall! Please comment here about any characters that are currently bugging you or have in the past.