It’s sick but true – since word spread that there was going to be a female Ghostbusters movie, sexist comments have been popping up all over Twitter. Rage has been spewing about how Hollywood would dare to make another Ghostbusters flick featuring an all-female quartet. Most comments were made by men who fear that this movie will somehow ruin the original 80s movies. This is just nuts people.

How dumb and disgusting are these?

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Just to be clear, Ghostbusters, which opened in theaters yesterday, is not a remake of the original films. Second of all, the four women who are stepping into the ghostbuster uniforms are among the funniest women living today (and of all time!).  Melissa McCarthy is a proven bonafide movie star. Last year’s Spy opened at #1 in theaters and made over $235 million worldwide. Kristen Wiig went from ruling the small screen on SNL to an amazing film career, with Bridesmaids setting the bar for all future comedies. It reached #2 and made over $288 million worldwide. Take these fearless comedians and add two hysterical SNL stars (Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon) and you have a recipe for monumental success. And that’s by ANY standards, not female-driven movie standards. It will be, without a doubt, a box office smash this summer, perhaps breaking a record or two.

So why is it critically important that everyone actually pay to see the film in theaters? Other than the fact that the special effects are supposed to be great, and will be better on the big screen, there is a social justice-related reason. If Ghostbusters is a smash at the box office, this could help crush the belief that female stars cannot open giant blockbuster movies the way men can. 

Studios are profit-driven first and foremost, and unfortunately the numbers, historically, do not prove in women’s favor. Of the 100 highest-grossing global films of all time, only eight had sole female protagonists. Four of these are the Hunger Games movies. And two are animated (Frozen and Inside Out). The other two? – Maleficent and Gravity.

“If this doesn’t work, [women] go back and lose our vote,” McCarthy joked to Entertainment Weekly in December. “I’m talking pre-suffragette.” She’s kidding. Sort of.

By going to the movies you are not only supporting these fabulous female actresses and the people who helped make this movie a reality, but you are also helping to change the notion that women aren’t able to carry huge movies. And also the age-old, completely dumb notion that “women aren’t funny.”  The industry is watching the opening weekend of Ghostbusters closely, and since it took $150 million to make the film, the movie has to gross around $400 million worldwide to break even. Let’s help to make this happen, and therefore assist in cracking the glass ceiling that has long loomed over the beautiful, brilliants heads of actresses.